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LabPad Evolution

Das neue LabPad Evolution vereint die beste INR Diagnostik mit weiteren innovativen Parametern. Covid-19 IgG/IgM wird damit als quantitative Analytik im POC verfügbar.

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Covid-19 Antigen Test Packung

Innovative direct detection of the Covid-19 virus in 15 minutes

The SGTi-Flex Covid-19 Antigen Test is our new direct virus detection that delivers a reliable result with high accuracy within a few minutes with a relevant viral load (C / T = <30). 

The blood chemistry analyzer for your practice and hospital laboratory

The Pointcare M4 is the successor of the Pointcare M3, the all-in-one analyzer for chemical parameters, electrolytes and immunoassays that can be operated anytime and anywhere.

Compared to the Pointcare M3, the Pointcare M4 has a larger display and, if required, a power bank.

 Pointcare M4 Gerät
Pointcare M3 Gerät

The fully automated chemical and electrolyte analyzer

At 2.2kg, the Pointcare M3 is one of the most compact chemical analyzers of all time and yet extremely powerful. It provides reliable diagnostic information for healthcare professionals in just a few simple steps.

SGTI-flex COVID-19 IgM/IgG

We are proud to present our Covid-19 antibody test which has already been successfully evaluated by several renowned institutes in Austria and Switzerland. Therefore it has been used internationally in the antibody diagnostics of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Antikörpertest Packung
Aquila Gerät

The modern blood count

The Aquila is the ideal solution for blood count analysis in your medical practice or POC laboratory. A single test tube directly in the device enables extremely easy handling and minimal space requirements. The system has all the technical features that you can expect from a modern analysis device today: Large, touch-sensitive touchscreen with intuitive user interface, direct network connection and flexible application options.

Smart POC immunoassays

Our INCLIX analyser offers you a broad portfolio of quantitative immunoassays easily performed on the point of care.

CRP, hsCRP, HbA1c, Troponin I, total IgE and many more.

INCLIX Analyser Gerät

Innovation in fertility diagnostics

The Lenshooke X1 is the smallest AI based CASA in the world. The semen analysis is being performed in less than 5 minutes.
After application of the specimen on the test chip, the Lenshooke X1 performs a full semen analysis with the press of a button. 

Lenshooke X1 is measuring the 4 key values as: ph-value, concentration, morphology and motility (NP, PR, and total). As extraordinary highlight, besides the test report, you will also receive a Full-HD video of the count.

Lenshooke X1 Spermienanalytik-Gerät